Allen Tingley

some of this is true and some of it is not.

In the Fade

The President of the World announced wide-waved to our brains during lunch no less, right in the middle of the match (Woggle missed the kick, there goes that round-) To say importantly that the top actuaries had "DONE THE NUMBERS" -it would now be twenty years before the Pilgrim came-- "AN ADJUSTMENT OF 4%!" an adjustment of four percent. "WE'VE VOTED" we "AND I AM SO HONORED TO REMAIN YOUR PRESIDENT FOR ANOTHER TWENTY YEARS" our "MAY THE PILGRIM TRAVEL SAFELY," but at leas...
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"It's called _A Star is Born*_ with the asterisk and everything."

"Look, Terry-- we all know that The Commitment says the Pilgrim named the celestial bodies after years of studying the ten sacred potentials, right? What this script is positing, Terry -- are you with me here? This script posits that the Pilgrim named our planets the night before Ascension after drinking five beers and smoking a joint alone in his empty apartment." "He what? He waited til the last day?" "He forgot to do it. Can you believe that shit, Terry!" "And then what, he goes on drunk ...
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Some notes from me to me, re: 2018: what a deafeningly lonely year, running from extreme event to extreme event. you don't even remember most weeks -- they were spent in an anxiety induced chasm. you probably shouldn't do that again. but you did manage to do some things you never thought you would or could do. none of them feel "good" yet, as of the end of the year, but they at least feel "complete". the house is a good house (as your dad says: "you live on the same street as the steeler's co...
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